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alt-J + NoMBe

November 13 | 7:00 pm


WCP & ALT 92.3 Present
+ NoMBe

Monday, November 13
Orpheum Theater New Orleans

Doors 7PM | All Ages

alt-J follow up their debut album ‘An Awesome Wave’ with ‘This Is All Yours.’ The debut sold over a million copies worldwide and was the 2012 Mercury Prize winner, and the band found themselves at the outset of making a follow up in a new position of recording an album that was actually anticipated, and having gone from a four piece to a trio.

‘This Is All Yours’ opening song, “Intro” start’s with Joe’s voice, a pointillist, percussive “la-la-la-la,” Philip Glass-like in its hypnotic simplicity, before Gus joins in with an answering counterpoint. This is not, as its title might imply, a brief throwaway before the album proper begins. Its middle section, introduced by Thom’s thundering snare pattern, suddenly asserts itself before the song returns to its becalmed opening theme, only to be once again overwhelmed, by a brutal burst of martial drumming and battle cries. But these four minutes 39 seconds do so much more than open ‘This Is All Yours.’
“There was an element of mourning for the conditions we made the first album in,” Gus admits. “Before we started making the new record, I was personally quite freaked out by the thought of getting together in some sort of anonymous rehearsal room. I can’t imagine us being able to write an album in that setting. There was a real innocence to how we did things in the beginning, it was very much a case of us just having fun and enjoying each other’s company. And I was worried that, with the new album, it was going to be a case of, ‘Ok, book this place for six weeks, we have to get it done.'”

The solution the band arrived at was a combination between a rented space in Hackney where they could write and then a studio space in Brixton where they would record with the producer Charlie Andrew, who had helped bring ‘An Awesome Wave’ to life, “It was sort of like a cross between somebody’s flat and a photographer’s studio,” Gus continues, “and we really relaxed there; we could pretty much treat the place as our own. You didn’t feel like you were clocking in, walking past someone sat a desk. We could start work at midnight if we wanted to.”

Where (and when) they wrote and recorded new songs was one thing; how they did so quite another matter. As mentioned earlier, four became three, when Gwil Sainsbury decided to leave the band. It was a disarming event for the band and one they found challenging to adjust to: “Even if you start from the base of being 100% committed to the thing you’re making,” says Thom, “the tiniest little things start to build this quite different momentum. There is interest from outside, then the internet gets involved, and before you know it — and I think this is what happened with Gwil — you’re in a dressing room full of people you’ve never met before, who don’t care about what you care about. If you’re not aware of that, then you’re in danger, and I think that happens to a lot of bands.”
All four remain friends, and it’s clear that Gus, Joe and Thom miss having Gwil by their side. “This is the core of our beings,” says Thom. “It’s what we are. So it was pretty hard at the time, but I feel proud of him for his decision now. He has his own vision. I think he just decided that he didn’t want to waste his life on the things that weren’t important to him. All the stuff he was required to do, even the touring, he never liked it. The teenager in me thought, ‘Why would you do that? You’ve left this amazing band.’ I was angry with him at first. But then, when I spoke to him, he sounded the happiest I’ve ever heard him.”



November 13
7:00 pm


Orpheum Theater New Orleans
129 Roosevelt Way
New Orleans, LA 70112 United States
(504) 274-4871